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In the last few weeks, there have been quite a few of the bigger "players" in my circle that have decided that EP was no longer the place for them, or at least not as the frequent visitors that they once were. I am stll keeping in touch with a special few that have become good friends, those that have stepped past the internet "barrier" and into RL.

To start with, I was feeling a little lost. I no longer had the trusty few to fall back on that I had gotten to know well and was very comfortable with. I found myself visiting less often too and not getting the "buzz" that logging in used to provide.

After thinking about it for a while, I have realised that my reasons for being here have changed somewhat, but I do still want to be an active member.

What a great choice that has turned out to be!!!!

Already, I have made some new friends that are turning out to be real treasures and re-discovering old ones that had "fallen" through the cracks!

While big changes can be scary, they can also be the best thing to have happened in a long time!!

I can't wait to see what the next Chapter in my EP adventure holds!

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Posted on 07:14AM on May 16th, 2011
Maybe I phrased that wrong ersatz ... I think maybe I was the one to fall through the cracks, or rather into a comfy little rut. Crawling out and getting back into the "light" again has been a very good experience :)
Posted on 07:41AM on May 16th, 2011
.. and a gentleman too ... thanks ersatz!
Posted on 12:28AM on May 17th, 2011
Im really glad i met you on here and hope you feel the same way, just a shame our conversations are a little limited sometimes, but i do think about you everyday
Posted on 11:20PM on Jun 1st, 2011
I love this post! As,I feel the same way. I no longer feel the need to be here,but,when I am, its for so many different reasons from my original reason. And I have learned so much. Learned so much about myself. Pushed my limits. Loved so much. Laughed so much. It's made me a much stronger person. And learning about my own boundaries,has been priceless. You can't ever leave Sass!
Posted on 11:23PM on Jun 1st, 2011
.. and neither can you Sol ...I always enjoyed chatting with you, hearing what you had been up to, not to mention I still think you have some of the best pictures there are to be had here on EP :)
Posted on 11:33PM on Jun 1st, 2011
I won't! Promise! And,oh,Shush! Thanks,for that! I love your Pics as well!
Posted on 11:35PM on Jun 1st, 2011
And,just for the record,lol,the pics of me and Jean,are the best.!
Posted on 04:05AM on Jun 2nd, 2011
Oh yes Sol .. those pics are FANTASTIC. Had to go back today to just refresh my memory!

A private male nurse North?? Do I get a sponge bath?
Posted on 05:45AM on Jun 2nd, 2011
I hope that new least of life on EP is just as exciting as the old life...probably better! xRocks and I have been through a few cycles on EP and it is definitely possible to make things happen for you again on EP :) Good luck!
Posted on 05:50AM on Jun 2nd, 2011
Whoo hoo! You can enjoy EP without having to worry about offending your old connections :)
Have a blast, MissSass...
Posted on 05:21PM on Feb 2nd, 2014
Im New Here But It Seems Like You StIll Have Allot Of Friends Here
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